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17 Jun

One of those “fans” was (This photo spawned some online rumors that the woman in the photo is Mohamed’s girlfriend, but that is clearly not the case.

That isn’t to say for sure that he doesn’t have a girlfriend, just that it’s not Rachel from .) Rachel’s reference to Mohamed’s left hand is important because in other photos of him he is not wearing his wedding ring.

Perhaps it was his (and Danielle’s) reunion paycheck?

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Here are some links: Mohamed Jbali’s Facebook page (public) Mohamed’s personal Facebook page Danielle’s personal Facebook page @helleborine on Twitter Get Real TLC LOL Facebook group @90Day Fiance Fan on Twitter Previously.I’m going to start things off with some excerpts from an interview Danielle did with TV Ruckus that was published on December 29, the day after the “Tell All” reunion special aired. Early in the interview Danielle reveals that TLC misled viewers when they claimed Danielle first met Mohamed in person during a trip to Tunisia. Instead of him spending money on a new work permit in Qatar, he went home to Tunisia. Danielle told TV Ruckus that she lost her job and began having those serious financial issues in the same month that Mohamed arrived, but TLC made it appear that this happened much later.“In April or May of 2013 I decided I would go over and meet him in July,” Danielle says of Mohamed, whom she met online after he messaged her and they began talking. “She already knew about scaling back the wedding and dress, as well as having to delay getting his paperwork finalized,” TV Ruckus says.‘s Danielle and her Tunisian fiance — now husband — Mohamed.(Our initial post about whether or not the couple actually got married prior to the wedding episode being aired on TLC was our most commented post of the year!