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29 Aug

The show’s creator and executive producer Christof is able to capture Truman’s real emotion and human behavior when put in certain situations.Truman’s coastal hometown of Seahaven is a giant set built under a giant arcological dome in the Los Angeles area.OUR BEAUTIFUL SON Raphael Blanc just born at the American hospital of Paris," George, 37, exclaimed.

But I guess a picture of Melissa putting her mouth on a skeleton wrapped in water damaged leather is worth a thousand words.

Though Sylvia is quickly removed from the set and Truman marries Meryl, he continues to secretly pine for ‘Lauren’.

Sylvia becomes part of a “Free Truman” campaign that fights to free him from the show and to reveal his identity.

actress Melissa George is expecting her first baby with her French boyfriend Jean-David Blanc. So so happy...xx," the 37-year-old posted on her Twitter account on Sunday.

It will be the first child for the Australian actress and her millionaire beau.